[Preview] Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

The F-22 Raptor gives the US armed forces air superiority in any conflict. But this flying high-tech marvel is not the only US ingenuity that shares the name of a fearsome prehistoric predator.

Just as radical, Ford introduces the F-150 Raptor – This is what you get when you lock Ford’s Special Vehicle Team (SVT) and a stock F-150 into a room leaving them only with the words “Baja 1000” – The result: a pure breed performance vehicle.

Whereas its predecessor the F-150 Lightning reminded you very much of the stock F-150, SVT has gone a couple extra miles on its successor. The Raptor is broader, to prevent flipping and with its 2.20 meter track even broader than an H1. The fenders are different and the grille got a major overhaul too. The blue oval ford logo in the front had to disappear for a huge ‘in your face’-Ford lettering – it all gives the truck a very special touch and feel.

Wherever you are, the Raptor is an attention magnet – especially in Europe where its sight is as about as rare as spotting a unicorn. Even to the domestic SUVs this behemoth is intimidating with its massive size and grim design – and they better be, especially when this 2.7 ton giant is propelled from 0-100 in only 6.5 seconds. Performance wise the Raptor doesn’t have to hide, not that it could anyway with 5.3m length and 1.99m height.

The first Raptors came equipped with a 5.4L V8 producing 320 bhp – in the latter half of 2010 an option for a 6.2 liter was thrown in and eventually the 6.2L BOSS engine would be the only option available in 2011 – and let’s be honest, 420 bhp do feel better under that hood. anandtech.com

What’s even more jaw-dropping is that the Raptor is not just a concept car made to tease all of us petrol heads, no it’s a plain production vehicle and for a little over 40’000 US Dollar it can be yours! Add another 10 grand onto that for transportation, import taxes and Western union money order re-work and you have a truly unique ride. Sure you can spend 50k on another car here in Europe, but it’s not going to be as much fun…

Or so I hope.
(road test available once vehicle is made available)

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